Technical market research and risk management are our main areas of focus. Known for its extensive knowledge of Technical Analysis, Knowify Capital excels in all facets of the global market.


Maximize Your Trading Potential with Our Experts

We provide high-quality signals for a variety of US stocks, including popular stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla, and more. Our expert team of analysts and traders use advanced technical analysis techniques and years of experience to deliver profitable trading opportunities straight to your inbox.

Why Choose Our US Stocks Signal Service?

Our US Stocks Signal Service provides a range of benefits that make it an excellent choice for traders looking to improve their profitability and make informed trading decisions. Here are just a few reasons to choose our service:

  • ● Expert Analysis

        Our team of expert analysts and traders have years of experience in the industry and use advanced technical analysis techniques to identify profitable trading opportunities in US stocks.

  • ● Consistent Results

        Our signals are carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure consistent profitability over time.

  • ● Timely Deliver

        Our signals are delivered directly to your inbox in a timely manner, so you never miss an opportunity.

  • ● User-Friendly

        Our signals are easy to follow and can be used by traders of all experience levels.

  • ● Risk Management

        We understand the importance of risk management in trading and incorporate it into our signals to minimize losses and maximize gains.

At Knowify Capital, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support throughout your US Stocks trading journey Contact us today to learn more about our US Stocks Trading Service and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

US Stocks Signals Package

  • Services

    Refers to the type of investment recommendation made by financial analysts, which can include buy, hold, or sell recommendations for specific assets or securities.

  • Signals

    Refers to indications or alerts that help traders make decisions about buying or selling assets in financial markets.

  • Accuracy Level

    The degree to which the predictions or recommendations made by a financial analyst or trading system match the actual outcomes of trades.

  • Risk Reward Ratio

    A metric that measures the potential profit of a trade against the potential loss, to help traders assess whether the trade is worth taking.

  • Support And Resistance

    Key levels in financial markets where prices have historically tended to bounce off or breakthrough, can be helpful for traders to identify potential entry or exit points.

  • Profit On Weekly Basis

    Refers to the amount of profit made by a trader or investment strategy over a period of one week.

  • Market Report

    A summary of the state of a particular financial market, including trends, news, and analysis of recent activity.

  • Research Reports

    Detailed analysis and insights into specific companies, industries, or financial products, often produced by financial analysts or research firms.

  • Event Updates

    News and information about upcoming or recent events that may affect financial markets, such as earnings reports, economic indicators, or political developments.

  • Researcher Guidance

    Expert advice and recommendations provided by financial analysts or researchers, aimed at helping traders make informed decisions.

  • Recommendations Type

    Refers to the type of investment recommendation made by financial analysts, which can include buy, hold, or sell recommendations for specific assets or securities.

  • Silver

  • 1-2 Signals Daily
  • 70-75%
  • 1:1
  • Regular Basis
  • 150-200- Pips
  • Provided
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Provided
  • Not Provided
  • Intra Day Trades
  • Gold

  • 2-3 Signals Daily
  • 75-85%
  • 1:2
  • Regular Basis
  • 250-300 Pips
  • Provided
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Provided
  • Weekly Guidance
  • Intra Day Trades & Positional Trades
  • Diamond

  • 3-5 Signals Daily
  • 85-90%
  • 1:3
  • Regular Basis
  • 450-500 Pips
  • Provided
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Provided
  • Regular Guidance
  • Positional Trades & Swing Trades

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Half Yearly

Our Approach to Trading

We carefully analyze market trends and patterns to predict future movements in the US stock markets.

We also use a range of risk management techniques to minimize losses and protect our client's investments. Our risk management strategies include stop-loss orders and other techniques designed to limit risk and maximize returns.

How Our Signals Work

Our signals are delivered directly to your inbox, so you never miss an opportunity. We provide clear and concise entry and exit points for each trade, as well as stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Our signals are designed to be easy to follow, even for traders with limited experience. We provide detailed explanations of our trading strategies and technical analysis techniques, so you can learn as you trade.


What our Client say

I've been using this US stocks signal service for several months, and I'm thrilled with the results. The signals are accurate and timely, and I've been able to make significant gains in my portfolio. I highly recommend this service to any serious trader.

Paula Santos